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A Letter to my 12 year self

Hey you,
You are in the best phase of your life
You get to do everything you wish for
You have got the best things lined up
You will beg to have these days back in your life
So, enjoy every second of your being

This age is your best souvenir
Do everything you ever wished for
Don't take life too seriously
Don't sulk about that basketball match you lost
Think about the throw-ball match you won
Don't sulk about sharing your clothes with your sister
Think about what would you do sans her

Life will be hard
It is meant to be hard
But don't take it to heart
You will grow up to be beautiful
You will not have body image issues
You will laugh till your tummy hurts
You will cry till you get hiccups
You will take life seriously a little too early, but
You will know that it is worth every penny
You will have the best people in your life
Those who couldn't be replaced with any precious stone
You will go through a lot of phases,but
You will always come out as a stronger person


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